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Saturday, February 26, 2005
  Support DemocRats…or Dean? And are they any different from one another?

I had a communication with a Democratic Party true believer...liberal, and among other things he wrote (Referring to democratic congressmen...):

"Every dem should go on ‘all Gannon, all the time’ mode on this issue. Just as the right wing did on Monica. "

I answered: ain't gonna happen.


Because we effectively have only one political party in the United States at the present moment.

The DemocRatpublican Party and its organs of mass consensus.

Get used to it.

Want to DO something about it?

The only current possibility...and it's a slim to back Howard Dean with everything you have.

Dean, Conyers and a very few others.

ANY other Democratic politician who has supported this Blood for Oil war in any way whatsoever should be considered suspect.

They are either too stupid to see what's up, too much of a coward to risk their position in the hierarchy (And fooling themselves by saying "If only I stay in the system, I can do something."), or...MUCH more deeply on the corporate take that they have no choice in the matter whatsoever.

And this INCLUDES Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Kerry, Harry Reid and the rest of the mainstream, politics-playing so-called "liberal" DemocRats.

At least when Dean plays politics, you have a HINT that he knows what the real meaning and function of “morality” is. He seems to have at least some concept of the fact that morality is simply the distillation of thousands of years of human experience, that it is a SURVIVALIST tool, that something that is “immoral”…like this criminally unjust war in Iraq, like the lying, cheating, stealing, murdering tactics of the current administration…is eventually counterproductive to the survival of those who indulge in it.

And he has the courage to take a stand against the mainstream tide when that tide is running the wrong direction.

He got his ass kicked for the attempt last time...but here he is, trying again.

He may have been successfully co-opted by the DemocRATS by being kicked upstairs to the chairmanship of the DNC, but do not underestimate him. He made a pragmatic choice...chair the DNC or start a new party...and took what he thought was his best shot.

His best shot at a sort of moral revolution, which is the only thing that is going to save our fat American asses in the long run.

There eventually comes a time in all human affairs when a line must be drawn. We are in the midst one of those times now, and anyone (or any group) that does not draw that line is eventually going to be swept away by the tide of history and human evolution.

If your congressmen and your political party do NOT go “all Gannon, all the time”…AND “all anti-Iraq War, all anti-the current administration, all anti-theft and anti-murder"…then you simply have the wrong congressmen and party. They are wrong tactically; they are wrong strategically; they are wrong in a MORAL sense, and if you continue to support them despite all the evidence to the contrary, then you are very simply…a fool.

Don’t wait for these people to act in your behalf…they have quite literally gone over to the dark side no matter what they think they are doing, and they are not going to take any real, effective action.

Draw your OWN line, and FIGHT!!!

Liberal my ass.

Time to get RADICAL.

Do something RADICALLY different.

Like reform the Democratic Party from the inside out.

(THAT would he Jes’ Fine, now wouldn’t it?)

If you…if we… do not do this, we are all doomed to a fate at least as bad as that of Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia.

Sooner rather than later.

Things move progressively faster as time speeds up, and time speeds up as every year passes. You have heard of the speed of light, right? A constant that cannot be exceeded? Well...time has a speed too. And it is accelerating.

Bet on it.

Wake the fuck up before YOUR time passes you right by.

Station WTFU, signing off.


Friday, February 25, 2005
  Getting the attention of the American electorate. By hook or by crook.

Have you been following the “liberal” blogs regarding the Guckert/Gannon thing and the lack of corporate media response?

Their panties are all in a bunch because there has been so little media coverage of this quite valid scandal in the White House.

I don't get it.

Why are they acting surprised?

Is this a tactic of some sort to shame the corporate media into covering this?

That seems to be the only legitimate reason to complain. I mean...after the bullshit coverage of the Clinton/Lewinsky affair, the NON-coverage of the 2000 election theft, the complete lay down, roll over and play dead act performed by the mutts of the media during the runup to the Iraq War, the savaging of Howard Dean during the primaries and blind eye turned towards the TOTALLY bogus presidential (s)election of 2004 that was held between two Blood For Oil war supporters who both belonged to the corporate money dominated Skull and Bones organization while they were rammed through Yale by their upper class eastern seaboard bloodlines...shit, they are even RELATED BY BLOOD!!!...what the fuck did they THINK was going to happen?

There are no surprises here, and unless the blogging world continues to grow exponentially over the next year or so the corporate media will continue to run their hypnotism game on the 60% or so of the American people who are able to be hypnotized. (60% being the consensus number that most hypnotists believe represents the percentage of human beings who are hypnotizable. A comfortable margin of victory, don'tcha know, given the number of people who actually vote and all...)

This teflon President and his aspartame court will continue running their game until they fail.

And fail they will.

They are stupid, greedy sons of bitches who think they can hire death as a company cop. (Thank you, William Burroughs.) And that NEVER works for long.

The only problem here is that in this particular instance, "failure" is liable to come at the end of a series of nuclear explosions and/or some other set of mass destruction devices.

If we are to get the attention of the American people before this Armageddon system goes off, we






A hypnotic trance can be broken by outrageous action.

It can.

Grab that rube who is up there onstage acting like a chicken and slap him upside the head a couple of times, and he WILL awaken.

MORE pictures of Guckert with his dick hanging out.

MORE investigations of who he fucked and for what sort of payments.

MORE attacks on the connections between and among the sexual underworld of the corporate and political (read Ratpublican, mostly) elite and the media.

Do NOT be shy or squeamish about this.

The Rats certainly weren't shy with Clinton and Monica’’s little blue dress, and that was small potatoes compared to THIS.

Do NOT try to be "politically correct" because of the homosexual angle here. Ain't ABOUT homosexuality. It's about criminality at the highest levels of the American system.

And don't pull any punches regarding the corporate media, either. They are out for blogger blood. Believe it.

Tell it like it is.

And damn the torpedoes.

Torpedoes mean NOTHING compared to the nukes that are going to start going off in the Middle East when we can no longer sustain a ground war there.

Bet on it.

If we do not get through to the public very soon...these people WILL find a way to close us down.

You can bet on THAT, too.

Right now we are occupying a space that is free only because of a series of coincidences, accidents and the sheer stupidity and incompetence of those who would lock down this country. Look at what is happening on the Chinese internet. Post the wrong thing and go to jail.



And coming to your computer soon if we are not successful in the very near future in defeating these people.

And the ONLY way we will be "successful" is if we get the attention of the public .

Don't worry about whether that attention is initially negative to some degree. Just do it. "Call me anything but call me often" said Mae West. The "I don't care what you print, just spell my name right" syndrome.

Old meaning.
Gold Rush times. Tenderfoot from back east...gonna get rich quick. Buys all the necessaries in a mining town…supplies, clothes, tools, a mule, the works…packs up and heads out. Twenty feet past the town line, the mule sits down, and WILL NOT MOVE. NO amount of persuasion, cajoling, threats, kicks...NOTHING’s gonna move this mule.

An old, tattered prospector and his old, tattered mule approach from the other direction. Old man says “Whatsa matter, there, youngblood? Mule trouble? Lemme have a try.” Walks up to the mule, cups his hand around the mule’s ear, whispers a few words....No response. Tries again, same result.

Steps in front of the mule, gives it a TREMENDOUS whack right in the snout.

The mule keels over as if it had been poleaxed, lies there on the ground w/its eyes all crossed up and rolling, foam coming out of its mouth. The old prospector leans over, cups the mule’s ear, and once again whispers a few words. The mule slowly struggles to its feet, and stands, a little dazed but apparently ready to go.

The tenderfoot says “That’s AMAZING !!! What did you say to that mule?”

The old man answers “Waaall, ‘tain’t really all that important WHAT y’say to a mule. The IMPORTANT thing is...first y’got t’get their ATTENTION.”
Get their attention.

By any means necessary.

Grab ‘em by the balls, and their hearts and minds will follow.

I'm outta here.


P.S. And don’t wait for the NY Times and the Washitclean Post.

They’re just in the business of selling more mules.

Thursday, February 24, 2005
  Harry REID??? Please!!!


The “liberal” (OH HOW I AM BEGINNING TO HATE THAT WORD!) spin on the new DemoRatic Senate leader Harry Reid is essentially "Reid comes out punching". (Reid came up from rough beginnings and once threatened to punch out some fool he was trapping for the FBI on tape. Reid was the head of the Las Vegas Gaming Commission at the time, and mousetrapped this guy into offering him a bribe on camera in some sleazy motel, then performed “outrage” for the camera. Nice. “Why, I oughta…!!!” Nice.)


We must be talking about ANOTHER Harry Reid.


Not THIS one.

Not the one who's a Mormon.

Not the one who is anti-abortion.

Not the one from that fine state of Nevada, the single most crooked state in the union bar none. (Well...there's ALWAYS New Jersey...)

Not the one who had a chance to come out in public against the 2004 vote fraud and passed on the opportunity, preferring to cower behind Barbara Boxer and John Conyers.

Not the one who has supported the murderously illegal war in Iraq from the get-go, using as his excuse that he was told the Iraqis would welcome us with open arms and pretty red balloons.



Harry's not even sure of his own NAME!!!

I (and just about every inhabitant of every ghetto in the United States, for starters) knew better than that set of Blood for Oil lies out FRONT.

There is no brown skinned population ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD that is going to welcome an American occupation army with kisses and hugs.

Not any more, if there ever WAS.

WE know about cops and police states.

First hand.

Up close and as personal as the hard faced white cop with a flashlight and his hand on his open holster at 3 AM on a dark street in Harlem.

“License and registration, please. What are you doing in this neighborhood?”

Damn, people…JUST LOOK AT LAS VEGAS!!!

They say it’s “cleaned up.”


Las Vegas, the whole of Nevada and the entire gaming industry is just one big con game set up to distract people from what is really happening in their lives while simultaneously picking their pocket.

It isn’t “cleaned up”…it’s just giving its dirty money to different masters than before.

The money is STILL dirty.

And to whom is the money going now?

Soulless corporate clones and frontmen for big money like Donald Trump and Steve Wynn.

Shit…I preferred the MOBSTERS.

I was in a casino recently…I work in them sometimes as a musician…that reminded me of nothing more than a suburban shopping mall.

Starbucks, J. Press and slot machines.


The American dream, presided over by people like Harry Reid.

Bin Laden and the Islamic thinkers who are directing the war against “The Great Satan” must be laughing hysterically right about now.

Las Vegas IS the Great Satan, in the flesh.

All temptation, no release.

So the DemocRats are going to lead us up out of this morass?

MORE bullshit.

Not unless they REALLY reform the party, from the grassroots on up.

Reform it on moral grounds. (Not the fake morality of the Rats, either.)

As it stands now, it’s one party, two names.

Ratpubs and DemocRats.

“You scratch my back, I’ll fuck you up the ass.”

Liberals MY ass.

Howard Dean is now at the head of the party?

Good start, I think. But he still has to play pattycake with the assholes that offed him last year.

People like Donna Brazile are still in positions of power in the DemocRatic party??

One of the main architects of the current exalted position of the Democratic Party?

The woman who made Al Gore what he is today?

"THANK YA, Donna!!!"


"Liberal" is a word that should be stricken from the useful dictionary of ANY person hoping for change in America today.

What is WRONG with the American people?

Are they permanently blind?

These fools either:

1-Threw the election.


2-Are so goddamned stupid that they could not communicate to the American people what fuckwads the people who are now running things really are.

An EASY communication, given the abundance of evidence.

Brazile, Small K kerry (I will never again capitalize his name after he hurriedly conceded this totally dishonest election and then scurried off to Europe rather than face the vote fraud brouhaha) McAuliffe…ANYONE who did not actively oppose this war from the very beginning…and the rest of the so-called Democratic elite ought to be run out of our collective mental environs on a rail, banished to that place where little men like Tom Dewey and Humbert Humbert...I mean Hubert Humphrey...eternally preside over discussions about "How could we POSSIBLY have lost?"

Harry REID?


May Howard Dean save us from such people before they manage to turn HIM into Howard the Duck.


And this kind of tripe is all over "the blogosphere" of which I have heard so much?

It’s on the Daily Kos, on the Democratic Underground? (THERE’S a malapropism if EVER I heard one!!!)


Lemme out!!!

If it’s all going to turn out Jes’ Fine (which is my fervent prayer), then we need to begin to see things as they really are.

Money and power obey the laws of karma as much as anything else in the human universe.

Representatives elected with dirty money…be it warmonger dirty money like the Bush family’s or gambling money like Mr. Reid’s… are DIRTY.

And the fruits of their labor will be stunted.

Negative does as negative is, and you cannot make a deal with the devil and expect to come out all shiny clean and whistling Hallejujah.

It’s as simple as that.


We expect to successfully oppose a wacko Christian right while being led in the Senate by a MORMON!!!???

One who CHOSE the religion rather than being born into it?

Talk about your wacko Christian sects…

Give me a break.

It’s a long road up from where we are now, and frankly I’m not so sure we’ll make it.

A LONG road up.

All you can do is enjoy the climb.

May you be born into interesting times.

Keep climbing, though.

As has been said about many other things...the alternative is totally unacceptable.



Monday, February 21, 2005
  Hunter S. Thompson/Rude Pundit/Daily Kos

Below is an email I sent recently to the Rude Pundit regarding his post about Hunter Thompson's death. I subsequently posted it on the Daily Kos thread about Thompson’s death as well, and a number of people logged on to vehemently disagree with me.

Since I had not really spent much time thinking about Hunter Thompson for well over 20 years, I was surprised to find that the contemplation of his life and death helped to crystallize for me a number of things I believe about America in general.

I was surprised at the depth of animosity I encountered regarding my take on HST. I suppose I have dropped so far out of the jive “counterculture” so well represented by the HST worship cult that I tend to forget that it even exists.

It’s hardly visible here in NYC…so many other things to deal with, I suppose…

Anyway…here’s the whole thing. I post it because I think that there is some valid and useful information both in what I wrote and in the anger with which it was met.

I meant no harm to Mr. Thompson. It saddens me to say that he had done such a lifetime of harm to himself that I could not have added much to it anyway.

Another lost boy genius.

So sad…

First the email I sent to the Rude Pundit.

Y'missed it, Rude...

And it's right there in your post.

Maybe he was sick, maybe not.

Maybe he got fucked up one too many times...maybe he actually sobered up enough to see the truth.

But the REAL reason he took himself out has to be shame.

Pure and simple shame.

Shame at having bet on Small K kerry.

Shame at having finally lost his perfect pitch.

Shame at having copped out to substance abuse once too often.,

In the Rolling Stone article to which you link, he said: "Of course I will vote for John Kerry. I have known him for thirty years as a good man with a brave heart --"

Well, that "good man with a brave heart" slunk away to Europe when John Conyers and a few other truly brave people attempted to apply the heat to this latest theft of the United States government by the use of massive vote fraud in Ohio and Florida, and before that kerry literally blew the that was almost impossible to lose given the plain, simple and completely provable criminality of his opponents and their financial sheer lack of will.

He was SO incompetent during the campaign...from his choice of a jive-ass John Ritter lookalike as a running mate right on through to that farce of a convention he allowed to happen in Boston and his lack of balls enough to stand up and publicly tell the Swift Boat boys to go fuck themselves...that it is almost impossible to believe that he did not purposely throw the election. If he did NOT, then he is simply another rich asshole whose money and power led others to believe that he had something happening.

And Mr. Thompson fell for it.

One too many Wild Turkeys back there somewhere, one too many brain cells lost even for someone with so many to spare, one too many nights spent hobnobbing with rich sycophants, one too many columns about trivial pursuits.

RIP, Hunter.

You had a good run there, for a while.

Next time around...lay off the sauces.

In the end, they always cover up the taste of the truth.

J. F.

And then the reactions to my posting of the text of that email on Daily Kos, followed by my answers to them.

1st reaction:

I don't troll rate and for you I should make an exception - but how's a good "Fuck you, you pusilanimous little bastard!" You are a judgemental fuckwad and you and your ilk will be the first to die whent the revolution comes.
you sound like a smug little bastard - the good Doctor would have hated you!

My response:

Maybe he would have [hated me], but there won't BE any "revolution" if all the "revolutionaries" get so polluted that they think living the high life in Aspen is anything more than jerking off.

Sorry, man...sometimes judgments have to be made.

He had some shit happening...more than almost any other American writer of his time short of William Burroughs (and Mailer and Breslin on their good days) as far as I'm concerned...but he pissed it away.

And...ain't no "trolling" going on here.

I'm new to this site, and fairly new to the blogging world.

But I'm no troll.

Just someone who sees some things differently than you do.


J. F.

And then he wrote:

Sorry .I got so pissed at you - HST meant and means a lot to me and reading some pissant's opinion about how he chose to live just makes me angry -
- I disagree about judgements and who gets to make the call - guys like HST are lightning rods and they do what they do so we don't have to - he led the way when it mattered (He took on Nixon when no one else would) - the rest of us could merely marvel at his courage, laugh out loud at his outrageousness, and enjoy the good work he did produce - Lots of great writers have dealt with their demons in unconventional ways - Unless your ass is out there and on the line you don't get to make that call -
I mean are you going to sit in your chair and tell me Faulkner and Hemminhway and Carver should have been tea-totalers - The good Doctor was just being himself, and good for him, and lucky for us.

And my second response:

Let me ask you a question.

How do you know I am a "pissant"?

Answer: Because I think Hunter Thompson drank and drugged away his enormous talent.

Must be that, because you have no OTHER idea about who I am.

This is star-fucker America at its worst.

You say "guys like HST are lightning rods and they do what they do so we don't have to."

And there it is.

Later you accuse ME of sitting in my chair, and you seem to be saying that if you don't know who or what I am then I must be nothing; I must have DONE nothing.

Rolling Stone starfuckery at its worst.

But you already stated YOUR position in the equation.

You let Thompson do it while you sat back and played it safe. are wrong about me.

I wrote for Rat newspaper when the shit was REALLY coming down on the Lower East Side in the '60s; I had my own run-ins w/the Angels and had I pursued writing instead of the art I did pursue, maybe you'd know who I am too.

But that doesn't matter.

What matters is that Hunter Thompson wrote an ENORMOUS amount of self indulgent, helplessly stoned, wildly funny, ultimately useless, meaningless crap as well as a few good books and articles, and he did so because he caved in to his own despair and his sadly addictive personality.

I know a HUNDRED Hunter Thompsons. They are a dime a dozen in the jazz world. (I'm a NYC jazz musician.)

The classic outrageously stoned, outrageously talented tenor player who eventually gives up, loses his chops and rants on about how unfair the world is.

What matters is that Thompson copped out and wrote for Rolling Stone, the Time magazine for the unconscious, hypnotized, follow-the-leader hipster herd, a magazine that has done more to help debase American culture than Walt Disney and the Fox Network combined.

He wrote for BIG bucks, a place in overpriced Aspen, the best drugs money could buy and a chance to drop names like "Kerry" in his writing.

He took on Nixon?

EVERYBODY took on Nixon.

That was like opposing Satan.

You want to read a real thinker...? Read Burroughs. Next to him THOMPSON is the "pissant".

And by the way...

My ass IS "out there and on the line" and HAS been for 35 years.

And I DO get to make the call.

I feel bad for him.

Just like I've felt bad for all those crazy tenor players and other musicians.

For Ben Webster rotting away in Copenhagen.

For Charlie Parker, 33 years old, strung out and dying on some emigre countess's dingy sofa watching the "Tommy Dorsey Show" on a black and white TV.

But the ones who really DID something with their genius...The Duke Ellingtons and Gil Evanses and even coke addicted Miles Davis...the ones who left something of real value, a lifework...I don't feel anything but joy for them.

It ain't about the's about how you HANDLE them.

And he caved in.

Sorry if you disagree.

But don't tell me not to think.

And don't assume that because you don't know someone they have lived a life like yours.

A Rolling Stone imprimatur only means that someone can be easily marketed.

Not that they have their shit together.


And then he wrote more:

..and you're windy too!

Firstly, I think you're a pissant not because of worthless opinion about how HST conducted his life - "Because I think Hunter Thompson drank and drugged away his enormous talent." - but because you are just one of many crowing from the bleachers -

The "star-fucker," comment is just proof I was right in my rather hasty judgement of you
- I've done things too - entertained people - knocked a few out of their seats once or twice and I've been around at least as long as you but unlike I don't elevate myself to HST's stature because I never reached as many people - I didn't invent a whole new genre of journalism - like it or not drugs and alcohol played a part -

"star fucker"??? what does that even mean? I never read HST's columns in Rolling Stone - I read them in his books - His appeal had nothing to do with that mag - they were just people smart enough to put up with his eccentricities otherwise a lot of good things would never have gotten published -

Yeah his salary was from a mainstream mag - but he led - It's the rest of us who didn't follow - He bucked the establishment - he took on Nixon 1st - Nixon may have been Satan but no one but HST was willing to stand up and say so - until after Watergate that is - every one did not take on Nixon - get your fact straight 'cause I was there too - read Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail and tell me he pissed away his talent - long after those of us in the bleachers have been laid to rest they will still be reading HST
- so get over yourself and your own addictions - and you don't know one HST let alone a HUNDRED - did your friends invent new styles of jazz that reached people from coast to coast? - they share nothing with HST just because they share a prediliction for doing drugs or drink - It's obvious writing this that you know nothing about Hunter - so stuff your opinions and your holier than thou attitude and piss off - don't bother me again with you tripe

Oh, and dragging Kerry into your obit thoughts about HST was particulary revolting - I couldn't be bothered to mention it before but I will now because you are and have always been a pissant –

And I again answered:

The rest might be considered valid from one point of view...but how does "dragging Kerry" into it make things worse?

HST's support of Small K kerry was all the evidence one might need that he had lost that fine edge he once had, and my point is that it was his addictions that put him in that sad condition in the first place.

He didn't have intelligence and talent because of his addictions...he had those qualities IN SPITE of them.

And the addictions took him down.

Early and often.

Hard and early and often.

I don't want to get into whether the people I know and with whom I have worked invented "new styles of jazz that reached people from coast to coast"...they did, actually, but that is not germane to the argument. Even if I was NOT personally involved in anything like that, the point remains that HST's "invention" was not of a genre, merely of a character.

Hunter S. Thompson, stoner extraordinaire.

A great and memorable character, to be sure.

But he lost sight of that fiction and began to believe it to be fact.

You say "Nixon may have been Satan but no one but HST was willing to stand up and say so".


"Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail" was written in 1972.

Norman Mailer and Jimmy Breslin ran for Mayor and City Council President of NYC in 1969...walking the walk instead of just talking the talk.

People had been pinning Nixon at least since the Checkers speech in 1952.

Since before THAT, when he was an integral part of the McCarthy thing.

An entire generation saw him for what he was when he made the mistake of standing next to JFK in front of TV cameras during the debates of 1960.

What do I mean by "star fucker"?

I think the whole latterday cult of HST worship is starfucking.

He was a CREATED CELEBRITY, karlpk.

And whether you read him in books or in Rolling Stone, it was Rolling Stone that created and celebrated the myth. Along with a couple of hundred OTHER myths regarding people of varying degrees of talent.

They were an equal opportunity starfucker service. It made no difference if people had their shit together or not...if they fit a certain "countercultural" profile, they were hyped to the skies.

And HST bought into it.

You say he "bucked the establishment."

I say he BECAME the establishment.

Left wing version.

The kerry endorsement is simply my proof.

And you know what?

The whole kerry debacle...,because that's what it was, a fucking tragedy that pretty much sealed the deal for the fascists who are now on the verge of being able to close us down and lock us up...the whole kerry thing could very easily be traced right back to the Rolling Stone "counterculture".

INCLUDING Hunter S. Thompson.

The people who so virulently hated kerry...what MANY of them really hated was the empty, drug addled, starfucker ersatz "counterculture" of which HST had become such a sterling example.

They were working people, podna.

Working people.

And they voted in DROVES against kerry because they smelled the rat smell of the bullshit counterculture emanating off of him. They essentially voted against their own interests because emotionally they simply could not handle that elitist "I'm against it" act.

The Rovesters simply spun the game in that direction.

Game, set and match.

You imply I elevate myself to HST's stature even though I haven't created a genre that reached millions of people.

Well...there's your American starfucking right there.

You're damned right I think I'm as good as Hunter S. Thompson.

Better even, because I didn't cop out to my addictions and I didn't let the "counterculture" bullshitize me into an early impotence and tragic death.

I could think Mr. Hunter right under the table (If hew wasn't under the table already, of course...), and so could a couple of million other people, I am sure.

Just because you don't know "who they are"...because you haven't been spoonfed their legend...doesn't mean SHIT.

Used to be a guy walked up and down Broadway in the Times Square/theater district area. He'd walk right up to people, get in their face and demand to know "Are you somebody?" far as you know, I'm "nobody", so I dare not criticize someone who you have been told IS somebody.

THAT'S starfucking, 'bro.

You say I'm "windy"?

I just have a lot to say, and you don't like what it is I'm saying.

If I had been windy enough to write several books, a couple of hundred articles, and pawn myself off as some kind of stoned hero to a parasitic loser like Jann Wenner, you'd be a fan.

Because you were told to be.

And I will NOT piss off, go away and leave you alone.

Deal with it.

Go read the entire works of William Burroughs and get back to me.

Hunter Thompson my ASS.



Then there were the others:

it was his talent to "piss away" if he chose... who the hell appointed you judge of the world? Hunter S. Thompson did far more than "piss away" his talent... he shared it with all of us, even unappreciative, judgmental little pricks like you. obviously, you don't understand art... it often comes from a very tortured place... it may not be pretty, but it's life and it's real... get real,or go back to your own blog.

And I answered:

I mourn his death with the rest of you.

I just mourn his life as well.

Allen Ginsberg pinned it in "Howl".

I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked,

dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry fix,

angelheaded hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of night,

who poverty and tatters and hollow-eyed and high sat up smoking in the supernatural darkness of cold-water flats floating across the tops of cities contemplating jazz...



Hunter Thompson was what...19 years old?

And Ginsberg warned him. He used the word "destroyed".

"I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness" he said.

"Howl" is not an encomium in praise of self-destruction. It is literally a howl of grief.

I can relate. I have personally witnessed way too many Hunter Thompsons go down.

Dodged that particular bullet myself, in fact. (Just received a fairly superficial flesh wound, actually...healing these 22 years and counting.)

I know art is not pretty, and I know that often artists are not operating out of some Mom and Pop candy store on the corner of life as well. But there comes a crux point in every artist's life where that person must he going to lay down the toys of childhood and get on with the business at hand or is he going to become some kind of caricature of himself and go smoking off into the sunset, into that not-so-good night?

Well...Mr. Thompson eventually ran out of road AND drugs, and he ended up smoking himself.

As I said...RIP, Hunter S. Thompson.

And RIP that peculiarly American dream of a drug-fueled enlightenment.

It ain't happening.

If Hunter Thompson left us ANYTHING, it's that lesson.

Or, as another artist once put it:

When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.

1 Corinthians 13

This passage goes on to speak of charity as the greatest of all virtues.

Well...I feel a certain charity towards Mr. Hunter.

He tried mightily, and in the end, he failed.

Done in by the easy endorphins that America in its own childhood made easily available and glorified as "the truth".

I post these words in the spirit of charity.

In charity towards some one possible reader who might read them and realize where his own howling life is headed.

If they make you angry, I am sorry.

We are a young culture.

A VERY young culture.

When Mahatma Gandhi was asked what he thought of Western civilization, he replied "I think it would be a very good idea."

He had people like Hunter Thompson in mind, I am sure.

Brilliant lives wasted because there is no valid philosophical structure around which they can form.

On which they can lean when the going REALLY gets tough.

Hunter Thompson's most often quoted aphorism is "When the going gets tough, the weird turn pro."

Well, when the going got tough Mr. Thompson just filled another glass.

Another pipe.

Dropped another pill.

And I am here to tell doesn't work.

Those"angelheaded hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of night" who "hollow-eyed and high" sit up "smoking in the supernatural darkness of cold-water flats floating across the tops of cities contemplating jazz" generally burn up WELL before they manage to make that ancient heavenly connection.

"Hollow-eyed and high."

The very IMAGE of Hunter S. Thompson.


I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked,

dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry fix...


So rest in peace, Hunter.

You SURE as hell didn't find much while you were alive.


J. F.

And another:

Pretty Pompous of you to talk shit about Hunter not starting a revolution while your lazy ass sits at home "surfing the web". It sure is easy to criticizing another for "not doing enough" when you haven't done shit. What have you done for a revolution? The man did more for a "revolution" in one book than you ever will do in your entire life. Shut the hell up already.

When you point a finger at someone you have 3 other fingers pointing back at you

Plus my last response. (I think the shitstorm is about over on that Daily Kos thread…)

And here it is again.

MY lazy ass?

Real artists ARE the revolution, bubba.

I know several hundred of them.

People who work 12, 14 hours a day at their art, their craft.

Not posing somewhere in the mountains outside their palatial country house with a shotgun, a glass of Wild Turkey and a snout full of speed.

He was just another talented celeb, baby.

A counter-culture celebrity.

Sorry to say it, because I dug his stuff out front.

But that's all that was left of him.

And...exactly what "revolution" did Hunter Thompson manage to start?

The Rolling Stone revolution?


A magazine named for a bunch of no-playing motherfuckers (that's a technical jazz term) who couldn't even tune their own guitars.

The end result of THAT "revolution" is right where we are now.

Bush and the Boys, on tour.

Lip synching.

Next stop...Tehran.

Get real.

He stoned himself to death.

Get real.


Of course...all of this is jes' fine as far as I am concerned...

At least we're all doing some thinking.





Sunday, February 20, 2005
  Guckert/Gannon V

So in the middle of this Guckert/Gannon mess, a friend writes me:
I do notice there seems to be more stuff coming out after the election. A lot more.

The conservatives do seem to know what to do to win, however.

Will there ever be another victory for the people?
My answer:

Will there ever be another victory for the people?


Maybe this one.

Watch this story grow and spread.

Read the observations of an intelligent veteran of the gay scene here. (A Daily Kos diarist.)

Amazing observations from someone who has his gaydar working on a very high level.

This story will grow.

It's got real legs.



And glory.

Lies on all levels.

Tabloid stuff.

Tabloids talk…NOBODY walks.

“Stolen votes?”


“No WMDS?”

“Oh well…”


Gays in the WHITE HOUSE!!!!????

("Slobber slobber slaver slaver pant pant pant…")


Sorry…that’s folks, my friend.

THAT’S your “people”.

But this opens the door to the mass media, and almost FORCES it to go through.

The lowest of pee-pee play in the highest of places.

Read THIS story by Justin Raimondo, who had (and printed) suspicions about Guckert/Gannon over one year ago.

An excerpt. (Read the whole thing):

Let's go back to my column for Jan. 12, 2004, in which I pointed to an interview with Iraq war critic Joe Wilson conducted by Gannon. Wilson, a former ambassador to Gabon, was sent to Niger by the CIA to find out whether Saddam had been trying to procure uranium in that African nation as part of his weapons development program – you know, the one that turned out not to exist. When Wilson returned, he reported that no such attempt had been made, and he was therefore astonished when the president, in his 2003 State of the Union address, made reference to Saddam Hussein, who supposedly "sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa." Wilson went public with his mission and its results, which is when the neocon smear machine went after him hammer and tongs. Robert Novak wrote a column in which administration officials were cited as saying that Wilson was a partisan out to get the president and had only gotten the job because his wife, Valerie Plame, was a CIA agent.

At that point, Ms. Plame's career as a covert agent – apparently assigned to nuclear nonproliferation issues – came to an abrupt end. A crime had been committed – a violation of the Intelligence Identities Protection Act, which makes it a felony to "out" a CIA agent on a covert mission – and an investigation was launched. When then-Attorney General John Ashcroft recused himself and appointed a special counsel to look into the matter, the political implications of the case became clear.

Whoever was guilty of engineering the "outing" of Plame was also part of a more general effort to discredit Wilson – and head off any further investigation into how so much phony "intelligence" came to be touted by the president and his White House as "fact." The president's infamous "16 words" alluding to the Niger uranium caper supposedly launched by the Iraqis turned out to be based on an elaborate forgery – which was exposed by the scientists at the International Atomic Energy Agency, using Google, within hours of receiving the documents.

How did such a fantastic hoax get perpetrated on the Bush White House – and by whom? You can bet the Bushies were really interested in finding out the answers to these questions. That explains the otherwise mysterious Ashcroft recusal and the launching of an extensive investigation that, in its relentless hunt for information, has several journalists facing subpoenas and the threat of jail.

Enter Jeff Gannon, aka Jim Guckert, supposedly a journalist for the "Talon News Agency." Gannon, a familiar face at White House press briefings who had distinguished himself as outspokenly pro-Bush by the nature and tenor of his questions, somehow finagled Wilson into doing an interview, which was subsequently published on the Talon Web site (and then erased), in which he asked:

"An internal government memo prepared by U.S. intelligence personnel details a meeting in early 2002 where your wife, a member of the agency for clandestine service working on Iraqi weapons issues, suggested that you could be sent to investigate the reports. Do you dispute that?"

How did Gannon get his hands on an "internal government memo" that was classified information? That's what I wanted to know last year at around this time, and the authorities were similarly interested, as the Washington Post reported:

"Sources said the CIA believes that people in the administration continue to release classified information to damage the figures at the center of the controversy, former ambassador Joseph C. Wilson IV and his wife, Valerie Plame.…

So Guckert/Gannon appears to have been in at the very bottom of the effort to conceal the falsehood of the ONE “FACT” upon which the invasion of Iraq was predicated,

Pretty heavy stuff.

How far will it go?

Those of us who recognized the culpablility of Nixon STILL didn’t see the Watergate thing for what it really was for at least a couple of weeks after it surfaced.

Not until John Dean copped a plea, really.

Guckert is ripe for the plucking.

Jes' Fine.

Now it simply depends upon which motherplucker grabs him first, and by which parts.



  The Guckert/Gannon mass media feeding frenzy begins. Is there any nourishment there, or is it all fast food?

Mainstream press picks up pace on Gannon; New Yorker gets into the game (



The Pekinese of the press and the other mutts of the media are scrambling to piss on the tree now that the REAL dogs have marked the territory. how they try minimize the political and social content of the story, most of them.

Heavy on the "gay", light on the real culpability of the Permanent Government in this tissue of lies and deceit we laughingly refer to as "The Administration".

AT LEAST until that administration shows serious signs of toppling.

Wouldn't want the FCC or Karl Rover sniffing around their hindquarters later.

And I don't know how likely a real collapse may be.

It could happen…but it would take an unlikely series of events FOR it to happen.

However…Watergate was fairly unlikely too.

I give it about 8 to 1 against.

They feed a few patsies to the press…first Guckert/Gannon, then, Eberle, McLellan or Fleischer, maybe even Rover or some of his dog pack. (“Surpise, Karl!!! You thought WE thought that you were one of us. Well…you’re not. You’re just another servant. Get fucked.”)

But the BIG dogs…naaaaahhhhhh…

One of the little dogs would have to roll over first.

And roll over to whom, exactly?

To the press pack?

A Ken Starr-like special prosecutor?

A Ratpublican dominated legislature or court system?

The Disney-owned, Warner Brothers-run mass media?


Besides which…these people KILL people.

It’s part of the job description. Second question on the application. “Would you be willing to kill to get things done?” And it’s not an essay question, either. Yes or no, end of interview.

Good thinkin’, Bubba.

Dream on.

Why do you think corporations that made their money purveying innocuous fiction were allowed to take over the mass media in the first place?


PROPER propaganda.

And I’m here to tell you that unless and until the real power in this country (big, BIG money) makes up a good, solid majority of its collective mind that this nest of fools and vipers is doing stuff that is seriously bad for business…no matter WHO is fucking whom with WHAT kind of tools…this (mis)administration stays.

Somewhat chastened and reduced, perhaps…but still in power.

And oil is the name of the game.

Power makes power.

It’s not “about” Israel.

Nor is it about democracy or Christianity vs. Islam or human rights or anything else.



No weak mouthed gay prostitute asking softball questions of a game show host named Bitch...errr, Butch... is going to change that, any more than the discovery that the game shows of the late ‘50s were rigged toppled the TV networks.


It’s about the money.

The SERIOUS money.

And the show must go on.

Bet on it.

Go here (
Jon Rappoport, for a good view of some the mechanisms involved in this kind of statsis.

A short quote:

Why am I writing all this?

Because I believe the underlying vector at work here IS the BREAKING OF CONSENSUS REALITY.

Whether many of us know it or not, that's what we're doing.

And it's gaining steam on many fronts.

There is a certain advantage to knowing what you're doing. And why.

As long as the consensus trance, for whatever reason, is in place, all attempts to create new outlooks and new opinions and new energy and new action are going to bounce back like blunt arrows.

We have to shatter the trance.

Knowing that, some of us are going to find better and faster and more complete ways of doing this.

As I've written many times, the world is an op. And that op depends on billions of people receiving information through a trance-filter.

I hope you'll see you have many connections to people who are basically doing the same thing you are: crashing the trance which is the operating basis of the consensus.

Read the whole post. It's worth it.

Ever wonder WHY the mass media cannot seem to catch up to even the most plainly obvious facts?

Let alone the really OUTRAGEOUS ones?

Mr. Rappoport has a fine take on the haps.

So far.

Will it change?

Not much.

That would alter the consensus reality a bit too radically, and the collective mind would break down.

Catch 22.


(Consensus '05, really...)

But…we’ve got to keep trying.

He says "
I hope you'll see you have many connections to people who are basically doing the same thing you are: crashing the trance which is the operating basis of the consensus."

That's what is happening on the internet now.

Wake the fuck up.

Maybe we can make things so that they are just a little more...

Jes' Fine.

Good hunting...


Saturday, February 19, 2005
  Guckert/Gannon IV-Rathergate, the CIA/Plame outing, Rove, Stone and so much more

It's about time this broke into the mainstream.

It is simply too big to hide anymore.

For those of you not up on the haps...and if you have only been paying attention to the mainstream mass media there is no reason FOR you to be aware of this, because they have essentially buried the story so far…a White House reporter named Jeff Gannon was exposed by various intrepid bloggers as a bogus Ratpub operative named James Guckert (pronounced “GOOKERT”) who was also a male prostitute and God only knows what else.

The story runs to:

1-Ratpub control of news through payoffs and dirty tricks.

2-Gay sex as a possible tool of the dirty tricksters, quite likely going right up into the White House staff…Scott McLellan, Karl Rove just for STARTERS.

3-The use of Guckert (and who knows who else) to spread disinfo stories like Rathergate and the CIA/Valerie Plame outing, INCLUDING the distinct possibility that he was the very first reporter to use the words “shock and awe” hours before the invasion of Iraq actually started…inside, classified info in the hands of a male prostitute.

And of course-

4-The absolute, right in your face dishonesty of this entire administration coupled with the tacit acquiescence of almost the entire mass media news establishment.

OK…up to speed now?

Read THIS.


And start looking at the Daily Kos for more.

A GREAT website.

THIS is how business is done here in America today, and THIS is how your freedoms are and have been slowly stolen away.

Not with a bang OR a whimper…secretly, in the night.

The silence of the unwittingly disenfranchised.

Wake the fuck up.

I normally simply link from here to selected articles, but this one is SO good and SO important that I am going to reprint it in its entirety.

Gannon scoop shows White House Forged TANG (Texas Air National Guard. J.F.)/CBS memos?!?!
by RegenerationMan
Fri Feb 18th, 2005 at 09:20:51 PST

It now appears that Jeff Gannon could be the thread that unravels the real story behind the TANG/CBS forgeries. I have put together a case here that if looked at carefully by the blogosphere would show that the TANG forgeries were made by the White House, probably Dan Bartlett, and then given to Bill Burkett by a former associate of Karl Rove, Roger Stone. Stone's wife, Nydia, who is Cuban, was most likely the Hispanic lady on the phone who convinced Burkett the documents were real and that he should burn them after copying them to protect her honor.

The hot rumor in New York political circles has Roger Stone, the longtime GOP activist, as the source for Dan Rather's dubious Texas Air National Guard "memos."
. . .
Reached at his Florida home, Stone had no comment. [NY Post]

Gannon was apparently used by the White House to ID Mapes as the CBS producer and to try and conflate the Abu Ghraib photos she revealed as sourceless as the TANG docs.


The FULL STORY on the flip.

Diaries :: RegenerationMan's diary ::

The main point of this diary is that Gannon was being used by the White House to ID Mapes to send the news media in a certain direction on that story --very similar to showing him the CIA memo on Plame and the Shock and Awe scoop. In all instances, it's Gannon who is given hot information to help orchestrate the story.


First I give Jeff Gannon attempt to conflate the photographs at Abu Ghraib with the forged TANG documents, then there's HANNITY transcripts:

Mapes is no stranger to controversy as she also obtained the photographs of inmate abuse at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. The source of the photographs as well as the documents now in question has never been revealed. (scrubbed Talon News article 9/13/04)

Gannon also went after Mapes in this 9/23 Talon News story--now scrubbed:

HANNITY: Now, Jeff Gannon, who is a terrific Washington bureau chief and White House correspondent for Talon News, actually shot me an e-mail today, and he's about to break a story in an exclusive about these CBS documents. [The Sean Hannity Show, 9/10/04]

HANNITY: And apparently they're also, according to Jeff Gannon, the -- Talon News -- this woman, Mary Mapes, this Dallas producer, is under pressure for the [CBS] network, and now there's doubts about their authenticity has taken place. [The Sean Hannity Show, 9/7/04]

Roger & Nydia Stone: The Unknown Man with the Envelope and Lucy Ramirez?

This is why Gannon was used to steer the story toward CBS and away from a rumor that Roger Stone, the GOP operative was responsible. Even Terry McAuliffe repeated the Stone/TANG charge. The WH wanted the press to focus on CBS, not on Roger Stone and who might have forged the documents--for it is a federal crime to forge official documents. Had the press focused on that it might have turned out differently--but the WH with Gannon and Hannity's help made the story the fall of Dan Rather.

We all now know that Bill Burkett says he was told about the TANG documents by a certain "Lucy Ramirez" and that he was given the forgeries by "an unknown man with an envelope" who turned and left after making the hand-off in Houston.

Let us consider that Roger Stone, the infamous dirty trickster of the Nixon, Reagan and Bush eras, where he worked with Rove, is well known for forging documents, planting them inside opponent's campaigns and then immediately alerting the press.

Mr. Stone's wife Nydia Bertran-Stone, a fiery Cuban rightwinger, incidentally helped him arrange for Cuban righties to come down to the Miami courthouse, riot, and steal the election for George W. Bush in 2000. Stone was personally asked by James Baker to come down and oversee the illegal tactic.

Voice article on Miami Riot

And guess who James Baker also asked to come and riot, Harry W. MacDougald, the "eagle-eyed" Buckhead, who announced the TANG documents were forgeries almost immediately, as if he had been forewarned. So Stone and Buckhead rioted together. Harry W. MacDougald is actually part of a gang of Republican lawyers who will do almost anything for the GOP.(see RAW STORY link above)

Mr. Stone is notorious for his electioneering dirty tricks for years. His first election fraud was to open a bank account with a phony name called The Young Socialist Alliance and send a campaign contribution to Pete McCloskey, an antiwar Republican in the Seventies, who was thinking of running against Nixon in 1972. As soon as the check cleared Stone then promptly called the press, claiming funding from Socialists for McCloskey.

Mr. Stone next honed his dirty tricks skills while working with Karl Rove in the Nixon White House.

We also know Mr. Stone planted an Buchanan child story in the Washington Post to sink Pat Buchanan's 1992 campaign for President and then made a flyer about it, according to Mattie Lovlar, on retainer to Stone at the time who said he "worked at planting the story". Stone denied it saying: "I remember getting a call or two saying this stuff was out there. If there was a flyer, it wasn't from Roger Stone." (Link in Post#1)

In 2000, Baker calls MacDougald, and Stone to Miami to organize the riot that stole the election for Bush. Nydia Stone organizes the Cubans who participated. Afterwards Dick Cheney himself called Mr. Stone and asked him what he wanted for his sterling service to the gang. Stone soon had lucrative consulting contracts adding up to tens of millions of dollars from Indian gaming concerns.

Voice Article

From this point on, Roger and Nydia Stone were Karl Rove's top covert operatives, off the payroll but paid off in substantial consulting contracts on the side, especially with the Indian casinos.

In 2002, Stone disrupts the career of BIA Deputy Undersecretary Wayne Smith who might have opposed his clients on a casino case. A fake letter and the planting of a story with Time Magazine through a Democratic operative was involved, Mr. Stone's Modus Operandi. Stone denied it, however, saying: "Mr. Stone believes that an individual by the name of Mike Copperthite is claiming to have provided the information to Time magazine at Mr. Stone's instigation." The statement says this claim is "false in all respects."

Next, Mr. Stone actually became the campaign manager for Democrat Al Sharpton, probably at the request of Karl Rove. This was a blatant attempt to conflate Sharpton with the word "Democrat" and sink the ticket by a more impressive and funded Sharpton campaign.(VV link in Post #1)

During the Democratic primaries, the AWOL charge came up. Karl Rove, alarmed at this turn of events, likely decided to forge documents that were based on real documents, with truth in them that reflected badly on the President, but that were fake. If he could get the DNC or the Kerry campaign to run with them, the cry of forgery could be used to shut down all talk of Bush's National Guard service, once they were exposed. A simple plan.

Only Rove, with Bartlett's help, could have made the forgeries, for Bartlett was an expert on the TANG records and had documents not yet released to the press, including no doubt the Knox memos. Rove would have kept the forgers' circle small, with as few in the know as possible. They forge the memos, originally typed by Mrs. Knox on an old Olympia manual, on a military electric typewriter of the time.

Rove and Bartlett knew that whoever received the fake documents, an authentication process would have taken place no matter who the forgeries were given to. So they used a typewriter.

The real part of proving forgery lies not in fonts or spacing but in the content, as Staudt was named in the memos as still having command power long after he had left. Plus Mrs. Knox had an old Olympia manual typewriter that she says she typed something similar on. So there were real memos at some point but they are on an old manual.


The Staudt mistake was a deliberate Rovian falsity planted by Rove to discredit the whole batch to the press later.

With the forgeries in hand, Rove or Bartlett would only have to call up Roger Stone--someone who would never talk and the only person Rove could give this particular job to. Rove then gets Stone the TANG forgeries. Nydia Stone, who has a Cuban accent, and has a long history of right-wing politics, having been Nixon's personal photographer and a photographer at the Reagan White House, offers to play the part of the damsel in distress, Lucy Ramirez. The Stones, who love to put on a good show, are thrilled to be "back in action".

Bill Burkett was the perfect patsy selected by Rove and Bartlett, having had a history of mental illness and known to hate Bush. A Democratic plot would have never chosen him to be the source.

"Lucy Ramirez", really Nydia, calls Burkett from Houston and tells him of the documents, telling him he must get them to Kerry, but that he must promise to destroy the originals as soon as copies them for her sake (So the Stones were telling him to get Bartlett's forgeries to Kerry). Burkett agrees and arranges to meet her at a huge livestock event in Houston.

But Lucy doesn't show up. Not wanting his wife to be the one to make the handoff--it must have been Roger Stone delivering the hottest envelope of 2004 to Bill Burkett. Stone then turned around and left without saying a word. Burkett, being an honorable man, obeyed the damsel in distress pleas and burned the originals after copying them. "Lucy Ramirez" and the "unknown man with the envelope" disappear, with USA Today unable to track them down.

The trap is set, only Burkett doesn't call anyone about the documents until the swift boat ads appear 5 months later. He calls Max Cleland but the Kerry campaign never calls him back, likely knowing his history of mental illness and Bush hatred.

Mary Mapes of CBS, however, tracks Burkett down in late August and asks if there is anything else he knows, as CBS prepares to air a story on the National Guard issue.

When the promos for the CBS report come on, Roger Stone or someone else phones MacDougald and the trap is set. Within hours, MacDougald has every main point in play and the game begins.

But Buckhead was tipped off just that the docs were fake and so Buckhead tried to squeeze them into a forgery produced by a word processor.

That will no longer hold up. But it just means that Rove had them typed by Bartlett on an electric typewriter of the day to replace the Knox memos that Bartlett must have also had--as he has always been in charge of the National Guard docs for the White House.

AGAIN THINK--Why would a Democrat give forged documents to a source like Burkett who could be easily destroyed as a witness? But Burkett, on the other hand, is a perfect Rove patsy.

Only a Republican would do it and Roger and Nydia Stone have been in the middle of top-level dirty tricks for years. Nydia even put Al Sharpton over the top with a $250 contribution from herself and friends, when he almost didn't make the matching fund threshold. Contribution

She is as big a right-winger as her husband is. She is the most likely candidate for Lucy Ramirez, and what I have laid out here before you is the most probable solution to the whole case, no matter how unlikely that may seem--given Rove and Bartlett's position.

The final sign that this was a White House forgery came when the reporter interviewing Dan Bartlett noted that Bartlett's statement that he had "no reason to doubt the memos were authentic" was emphasized so much the reporter noticed it as standing out. Bartlett even cancelled all his appearances at the time, possibly to avoid questioning by the other side.

Even though Rove and Bartlett were taking a tremendous risk, as Sherlock Holmes said: "Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth." And a Democrat doing this is impossible--it MUST be the White House. Roger Stone would never do this without the orders of Rove.

Roger Stone is the most likely candidate to be the "unknown man" who gave Bill Burkett the envelope with the TANG Forgeries and Nydia Stone is then "Lucy Ramirez", who talked Burkett into believing the forgeries we real and into burning the originals. This was so annual watermarks on the paper did not give away the game too early to reach the broadcast of the fakes.

Of course, Mr. Stone has issued his predictable denial, sounding much like all his other denials of his dastardly deeds: "I have nothing whatsoever to do with this," Mr. Stone told USA TODAY. "I'm a firm believer in political hardball, but I draw the line at forged documents."

If it is he, Mr. Stone almost certainly made the drop of the fakes himself--to follow Rove's command to keep the circle of those in the know as small as possible. Plus Stone would not want a repeat of 1992 when he was accused by an accomplice of "planting the story".

To help the White House, Gannon/Guckert hits this story hard with an exclusive leak of who was responsible at CBS when no one else knew. Both he and Buckhead were on the story inmmediately, Buckhead within 18 minutes for his first post on it being phony. They must have been tipped off by Rove or someone in the gang. And then the White House DELIBERATELY withheld a key TANG document that showed the TANG memos to be forgeries (RAW STORY link above), just to really let CBS hang itself.

If we keep tugging on this thread it will unravel the whole sweater.



This is more than softball questions, like the Plame case Gannon was deployed to help cover-up real crimes (like Wire Fraud in this case). 
Friday, February 18, 2005
  Guckert/Gannon III

It’s overwhelming, actually, this Guckert/Gannon affair.

Part of an even MORE overwhelming attempt by the Butch regime to co-opt the entire news media.

Which is part of a GIGANTICALLY overwhelming attempt to…to what, exactly?

To take over the world, I think.

To be the boss of the entire planet, to remake it in the image of the Ratpublican white corporate Northern European Christian semi-heterosexual male in a business suit.

But…back from the macro to the micro.

Mr. Guckert.

Micro Man.

I watched the interview with him on CNN’s 360 Degree program (7:30 PM, 11/18/05)…the Anderson Cooper thing. (Have you noticed how much Cooper looks like a slimmed down Bill Maher, by the way? Not as funny, which is a TERRIBLE thing to say because Maher himself is not very funny.)

Anyway…I learned some remarkable things.

Such as:

1-Gannon/Guckert’s real name is pronounced "GOOKERT".

2-He is NOT a Special Forces guy or ANY kind of trained spook. (Unless he is the greatest actor that I have ever seen, of course, and I think that this is most likely not the case. ) He may have been RUN by spooks, but he is a low level, conflicted, eye darting, previously closeted homosexual who has been forcibly outed and is VERY nervous about his future.

Justifiably nervous, I might add, especially if he is a blown intelligence asset. (Sorry…no pun intended.)

3-He evinces many of the same tics and gestures as Semi-President Butch when the Semi-President is put in a hot spot and doesn’t know which way to turn.

The shifting eyes, the stumbling speech…

I wonder if they have the same pharmacist?

Or the same controllers?

Or…maybe even the same proclivities, deep, deep down?

Anyway, he’s in deep shit, and dumb as he is…he now knows it.

I actually felt sorry for him.

Here’s this ectomorphic version of Bill Maher shooting squinty-eyed questions at him that he cannot POSSIBLY answer in a straightforward manner without the likelihood of signing his own death warrant (To be enforced somewhere down the road, some time after his 15 minutes of infamy.), and he has nowhere to run.

He’s fucked.

So he stumbles through, painted as the bumbling right wing drone he really is by a news system that is dedicated to preserving the status quo at all costs…especially the cost of his own sordid little life…while the time delay tranquilizer he took pops off a round every 3 minutes or so in his roiled up little belly.

And what are they saying, these CNN newshounds?

These Pekinese of the press, these mutts of the media?

They are saying that it’s all HIS fault.

The lying, mewling little faggot.

Lord, what fools these mushrooms be.

I am reminded of the movie "The Prophecy", in which Christopher Walken plays the Angel Gabriel as a rebellious gangster/angel right out of Queens, NY. He is jealous of The BIG Don’s favoritism towards human beings, who Walken refers to as “monkeys”.

These monkeys are sadder than those at the zoo.

Jimmy/Jeff AND his inquisitors.

It’s not about the President.

It’s not about his controllers.

It’s not about Karl Rove.

It’s not about the media in general. (“See??? WE’RE doing OUR job…interviewing this guilty little cocksucker on nationwide TV so that EVERYBODY can see his weak little mouth and shifty eyes.”)

It MAY eventually be about some fairly low level administration butt-boy…maybe Scott McClellan, although I see he is already pointing the finger at Ari Fleischer. Maybe even Karl Rover, if the dogcatchers climb high enough. Y'know...HE'S replaceable. too...)

Whoever it is, in a just world whoever gets tapped as “It” would roll over like little doggy John Dean and rat out those above him, but don’t count on it. They have studied their previous history, these Ratpub hustlers, and they know all of the possible bounces.

Or at least they THINK they do.

We shall see…

So here we are once again.

A mediocre little President run by mediocre little minds who set up other mediocre little people in positions where they will to be able to help them pursue their mediocre little ideas in a big, BIG way.

Mediocracy at work, up and down the scale.

And if someone pushes the mediocre little red button at the end of all of this foolishness, we will all disappear in a mediocre little puff of smoke and the end will come with neither a bang OR a whimper.

Just a sigh of resigned mediocrity.


“I KNEW that was going to happen.”


Si(gh)ning off for now, I remain…

Jes’ Fine.

Nothing will blow over the weekend, unless someone commits suicide or something…what ever happened to little Vince Foster, by the way…???

So…see ya Monday…


1/29/05 Enough negativism. Just because the world is going to hell in a handbasket should not mean that we have to LOOK at it it. Right? It's Jes’ Fine out here. We have a President named Butch, a Secretary of State who actually LOOKS like a secretary (Finally!!!) with a name off of an Aunt Jemima box, and a single political party (albeit with two names) running things. What could be better? I will post on a daily basis about how well things are going here in America. Welcome to my blog.

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